landing page + Brand Guide
Atomic Capital
With the advent of modern technologies, many companies are seeking ways to introduce new ideas into older, established industries. Atomic Capital, with the utilization of blockchain and smart contracts, is seeking to revolutionize the way investors buy and access equity.

Atomic wanted to establish themselves as educated, helpful digital security experts–a vision that entailed a complete redesign of their landing page. With a love of space design themes, and the aspect of exploration and discovery they entail, I revamped the company's branding and web presence.

The visual system I created invokes a sense of authority, luxury, and determined exploration, while still standing out from other sites within the financial sphere. This visual language also carries over to Atomic's security issuance platform, Helium, a site I created the UX and UI for.
Atomic Capital
Atomic's landing page calls out their core competencies and quickly introduces users to their growing suite of services. Collaborating with their Director of Operations, I proposed new content sections as well as a fixed navigation for easier use.
Responsive Designs
While their initial landing page wasn't done with mobile in mind, Atomic's new redesign was designed and built to be fully responsive. Investors and potential partners can now view the site wherever and however they want.