Landing Page
The wonders of a niche market! Working with Roo provided me an opportunity to dive into the relief veterinarian space and get to know its users.

Over the last decade or so, there's been huge shifts in the veterinary field: less and less vets are opening or buying their own practices and instead are seeking out more flexible job opportunities. Also about 80% of vets are now female, which means there are opportunities where vets will need to take a leave of absence in their career. Out of these two points arises the demand for relief vets: vets who fill in or work flex hours at various animal hospitals in their region.

A survey of current sites and companies that offer vet placement found the industry lacking. With Roo, vets and hospital admins can easily and quickly get matched with quality counterparts.
Landing Page Launch

The first phase of this project involved a fully-responsive landing page. This enabled Roo to present their product value to vets and hospitals and to create a waitlist of interested users.
Full Scale Web Platform

This portion of the project was broken up into a few different phases. Working off of our client's requirements document, I designed high-fidelity mockups for vet and hospital MVP portals.

From there, I created clickable prototypes in InVision. With those in hand, I facilitated user testing via Google Hangouts with vets and hospital admins located in Texas.

I was able to validate the majority of the designs decisions I had made, and some interesting feedback came to light.

"A lot of vets will not do surgery...I'd definitely like to know prior to booking something if surgery is required or not."
vet user 1
"The more you can show in a hospital profile the better. I want to have a good idea of how they run their clinic. Do they have a few doctors on staff? Are they sending emergencies out or handling it there?"
vet user 2
After finding overlapping feedback, I was able to further hone the designs to be more intuitive and helpful for the end users.

Roo is nearing the end of development for the initial MVP, and is rolling out to select users in Texas and the surrounding areas. Several shifts have already been fulfilled on the platform.

For a more detailed look at the platform, click here.